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Let Brittany reveal itself to you!

Head for the Sentier des Douaniers! Here, nature gives itself full rein through its variety of inlets, pink granite coastline and fine sand beaches. You'll be able to appreciate the amazing beauty of the Brittany coastline here, with some breathtaking scenery.

One of the loveliest bays in the world lies just beside your campsite. The Gulf of Morbihan is home to 40 or so islands, each more beautiful than the next, and which include Belle Ile en Mer, Arz, Hoëdic, Quiberon etc. So set sail from an amazing journey!

And don't forget the Carnac Stones, a 7000 year-old megalithic location. Bring your family along to see the 3000 menhirs, perfectly aligned for more than 4km according to size.

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alignements de carnac
Camping Carnac Stones
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Golfe du Morbihan
Gulf of Morbihan
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Saint Goustan
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Camping Vannes

Vannes, Quiberon, Baden and more. Find out about all the great features the Mané Guernehué has in store for you

Between the Gulf of Morbihan and the River Auray, discover Baden's 7 Iles, a really delightful seaside resort. Here, you'll find religious buildings, dolmens and amazing views of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Just a few kilometres from here lies Vannes, a small mediaeval town founded in the mists of time by the Romans. Listed as a French Ville d’Art et d’Histoire, dive into its historic centre and soak up the beautiful features of this location, with colourful, half-timbered houses, the Tour du Connétable and its ramparts, the cathedral of Saint-Pierre and more. And then there is "Vannes et sa Femme", the town's emblematic sculpture. Come and see Quiberon too, a lovely peninsula on the south coast between the sea and the ocean. One thing is for certain, you'll enjoy a truly unforgettable stay in Brittany!

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